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We changed their names for no reason
but we only knew that in hindsight.
But i can see clearly now it was all for fun
with all these surprises its been the best damn trip
and I couldn't have planned for anything better than this.
We didn't fuss we didn't fight when shit hit the fan
We just worked our hardest to make the best decisions.
Openly communicated most the time with a grin
And sometimes we'd scream.
I can't explain how to be or what's coming at you
But you know yourself better than most
So shut the fuck up and listen to the world because you'll
find truth when it finds you.

I've taken the easy way out but it doesn't lead anywhere but to bad memories and unfulfillment, and you say your sweetness rotted my teeth. But that's not it. There's a lot more going on inside here, the place thoughts linger before they come out and they turn into words. But what's done this to me is my own doing. My own neglect of the care of myself. Thinking just cuz I can't see it it's fine but with time, these things eat away at me til I slowly decay and see myself in this deformed shape. Remembering my old glory, shining so bright. Clean from inexperience thinking this was it and i could stay here forever but change doesn't have to be bad no James doesn't have to be bad. Because limbo's not a comfortable state to be in no, the insecurities stack up til you're just torturing yourself being the only one to ever know everything you've ever thought. But we can't stop here, no we can't hold on to this any longer. We have to let it grow and evolve cuz we don't know what this could become. This could be the change from a Magikarp to a Gyarados. Something ignorant and insignificant could be something awe-inspiring and magnificent. I wish i could have said this all to you at that very moment instead of being so angry at myself but that's the way it happened and I can only hope to change from here. I can only hope things can change from here.


from Frenemies, released July 30, 2017



all rights reserved


Hizi Santa Rosa, California

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