Home is (still) where Haley is

by Hizi

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James on dwums
Austin on bass
Matt on guitaw

featuwing Zoe Wildgust on viowin

thanks to Michael Giacomelli fo patience while wecording us! thx haley 4 fwiendship

Pawamore was a huge influence on these wecordings


released August 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Hizi Santa Rosa, California

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Track Name: Choose To Live
Remember those nights you don't really want to go to sleep
Before something good happens something uplifting
Remember those weeks you spent in bed
Trying to drown out the thoughts in your head all those words they said
Remember those months you spent real depressed
Wishing you actually had a reason to be but instead
Remember those years you waisted away
Wishing she'd come back to you someday
Wishing your life had gone a different way
Wishing you'd never gone or you never stayed
Wishing that all this wishing would actually do something already

But it hasn't and it won't
So you might as well just go for broke
Say fuck it what the hell do you have the loose
The world is at your fingertips all you have to do is choose
Choose to live choose to love choose to hope for someone
Choose to dream of something better than what we have given each other
We can be the greatest gift of all
A sister or brother a comrade to ease the pain we may suffer
Someone to fight with through the battle that we call this life shit

Knowing we'll have someone there to walk with when we grow old
Knowing no matter how hot you get theres always someone there thats cold
Knowing there someone out there thats good at being everything your not
and knowing they'll help you realize everything you got
Track Name: Long Face
What's with the long face
I know you don't see things that way
But with a glance of things to see
And a taste of what could be

I know the now is calling
And in this space I'm falling
Through time like a million seconds
Gone through a life of guessing
About whats been said
And trying to make sense of the whole thing
Each one meaning
A little somethin somethin in the grand scheme of things

Till were done and all we've become
Is a life we've won
When we let go of what we've done
When we let whats done be done

I know the now is calling
And in this space I'm falling
Through time like a million seconds
Gone through a life of guessing
About whats been said
And trying to make sense of the whole thing
Track Name: I Loved You Know Who
When we kissed we kissed slow like carmel
To saver each drop so we were never full
I want to kiss you once more but things have changed since before
I am no longer a young boy naive to your tricks no longer your toy
You'd have to beg and plead
Before you got anything out of me
I lie awake no sleep
Cause you never gave me what i need

I tried to see my dreams but they won't show me a thing
Not one glimpse of you feel what we used to do
Slowly kissing no lies only truth
I wonder what you knew
I wonder if you felt it too
I loved you know who
Track Name: Fuck Love
Holding you close to me
After a night that was anything but ordinary
And to think this is where you'd sleep
I won't miss a moment
I won't even blink
I won't sleep a wink
I won't even blink

Fuck you and all the things you did to me
But it was never your fault cause I'm just fucking crazy
I wish i wasn't so obsessive over someone who obviously doesn't give a shit about me
But honestly i think your just a bar in my head
That was set way to fucking high that night that we laid in bed
And now I'm just stoned every night instead
Cause I'm alone just like i've always been
It's just now i have this memory of time when you were with me
And i had never been that happy
Since i was a little baby baby boy

Fuck love and all that its done to me
But at least i can say
Its been pretty fucking motivating
Cause i learned if i want to give my self to someone
And i want to give that someone something
Then i have to be something
i can not be nothing
i will never be nothing
So you can love me